As a Wedding Officiant, I am certified by Humanist Canada and licenced by the Province of Ontario to perform legal wedding ceremonies.  Humanist  ceremonies are non-religious and focus on the core values of respect, equality, compassion and love.

There are actually only four parts of a marriage ceremony which are legally required

  1. The statement of intent;
  2. The affirmation of witnesses and;
  3. The declaration of marriage.
  4. Signing of three documents (the marriage licence, the register and the record of solemnization)

Everything else is personal choice including ring exchange, vows, readings, blessings, hand fasting, candle and unity ceremonies, etc.  These elements can all be customized to meet your personal vision for your wedding ceremony.

I believe that your wedding ceremony should reflect your uniqueness as a couple and be based on your values and vision for your life together.  I will work closely with you to make sure your ceremony is “Uniquely Yours”.


“I’ll take the time to get to know you because I want to create an intimate and personal ceremony that reflects who you are.”

COVID-19 Update

I am continuing to operate during the COVID-19 crisis by following the Ontario regulations to keep couples and their guests safe.

Some couples are choosing to downsize their wedding ceremony to a more intimate gathering and save the larger celebration for a later date.

Others are choosing to re-schedule. If a couple needs to re-schedule their wedding, its no problem. Of course, there are no fees or time limitations for doing that.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions about getting married during the pandemic.

What We’ll Do…in 7 Easy Steps

Step #1:

Give me a call at (613) 985-8863 or click here to contact me

Step #2:

We will have a preliminary meeting  (by phone, Skype or face to face) to discuss your goals and the vision for your wedding ceremony.  In this first meeting we will confirm the time and place for your wedding as well as the preliminary details of your ceremony.  Plus, I will review the legal requirements for getting married in Ontario as well as discuss your wedding options.

Step #3:

We will work together to create an outline of the ceremony including your vows and any special moments you want to include.  Together we will create a ceremony that will be “Uniquely Yours”.

Step #4:

I will write the “script” for your ceremony with your input and approval.  I will review everything with you to ensure we have captured the essence of your vision for the wedding and that the details and flow of the ceremony are right.

Step #5 (optional):

We can have a rehearsal before the wedding.  Please note that having a rehearsal is optional but often a great idea if your wedding is large or there are complicated logistics.  In the rehearsal I will guide everyone in the wedding party through the whole ceremony to make sure that everything is sequenced properly.  Plus I’ll make sure everyone knows what to do and when to do it.

Step #6:

Wedding Day!!!!  I will conduct a beautiful and unique ceremony that will exceed your expectations!

Step #7:

Following the wedding I will take care of the paperwork.  I will maintain your marriage registry on file and also mail your completed marriage licence to the Office Of The Registrar General.

“I’ll take the time to get to know you because I want to create an intimate and personal ceremony that reflects who you are.”